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WOW Dexter!

I am truly impressed! That was an incredible way to end the best Season yet of Dexter!

I can't help but think of 1000 questions that will have to wait until next season. Brilliant job!

Howdy from Oblivion


I've been taken over by facebook.. sorry I haven't posted here in forever.

Been super busy, got moved into the new place this last weekend and Jason will be here on Saturday for our anniversary.

not much other news.. most everyone on here is on Facebook.
The number one song on the day I was born was "(I can't get no) Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones! Still a great song! :)

Go here http://www.joshhosler.biz/NumberOneInHistory/SelectMonth.htm to find yours and respond!

Mar. 16th, 2009

OK so I have been a very very bad LJer. Blame Jason bulldogcubnj for converting me to Facebook!

Just wanted to post an update.

I have moved to Austin now. I started a great new job on Feb 1 and just found an apartment (will move in on May 15) now staying with atxsouthpaw hope I don't make him crazy!

Jason will be moving down to join me in September.

I'll be at TBRU but won't arrive til late Friay night (low on the totem... not able to take much PTO yet)

I'll try to do a better job on LJ.

Here’s a scene...

Today I am anxious...

I interviewed last Friday, in Austin, for a job that would be very good for, not only my career, but my hapiness in that I would finally be able to relocate to Austin.

I have heard only very little feedback... when I inquired... so I am anxious.

In the meantime I have been recollecting music that was a part of my college days and I have rediscovered REM.

I think I have seen REM at least 8, maybe 10 times (I lost count). Two of the times I saw them in 1983 and 1984 I was able to hang out with them after the show. I know this is cliche, but music was very exciting in those days. I have to say that their music is just as relevant today as it was 20+ years ago.

Two of my most favorite albums at this time are Green and Document.

I remember reading that Orange Crush was somewhat relevant to George Bush, Sr's war-hungry policy and here 20 years later, it is just as relevant. Also they sing about California as if it is a distant memory. Tool's "learn to swim" mantra comes to mind... maybe it's the same sentiment?

I Remember California

Artist/Band: R.E.M.
Album: Green

I remember redwood trees, bumper cars and wolverines
The ocean's Trident submarines
Lemons, limes and tangerines
I remember this

I remember traffic jams
Motor boys and girls with tans
Nearly was and almost rans
I remember this

History is made
History is made to seem unfair

I recall that you were there
Golden smile and shining hair
I recall it wasn't fair
Recollect it wasn't fair
Remembering it wasn't fair outside

Low ebb, high tide
The lowest ebb and highest tide
A symbol wave I must confide
I guess we took us for a ride
I guess it's just a gesture

I remember this defense
Progress fails pacific sense
All those sweet conspiracies
I remember all these things

I remember traffic jams
Motor boys and girls with tans
Nearly was and almost rans
I remember this...this

Low ebb, high tide
The lowest ebb and highest tide
I guess we took us for a ride
I guess its just a gesture.

At the end of the continent
At the edge of the continent


Holy crap! I just reviewed all my job boards today for jobs in Austin, TX; on Monster, there were a total of three jobs listed and only one of those has not been removed from posting. On Dice, there were the usual battery of agency positions and the one I applied for this morning resulted in an immediate response saying that they are no longer posting this position.

My goal has been to at least apply for one position each weekday. This is the first day I have not been able to meet that goal.

Planets Align in a Frown pattern

I just happened to catch a glimpse of Venus and Jupiter last night in a "frown pattern" with the moon.

I know it's not hot guys or bear runs but it looked pretty cool. guess I am boring in the bear community standards LOL

Taken from here

Bye Bye Bear Chef

So disappointing... the bear from SD got the boot on Top Chef!

...and oddly enough it was one of my favorite bands that sent him packing.

Sorry to spoil it for those who haven't seen it.


I am headed to Dallas early in the morning to have Thanksgiving with some friends.

Texas Tech

Ok Okies.. I have to concede that was a bloody ass-whooping!
On with the season!

That was Just Your Life...

Deaf tired and smiling this morning i have to say that last night's Metallica show goes in my record book as one of the best!

Anyone interested can go to www.metallicalive.com and download a recording of any of their shows this tour.

I wasn't able to get any pics or video because they were Nazis about cameras. In fact brchase had to run back to his car to put his away. But with binoculars an and iPhone he MacGyver'd a few shots

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